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Had surgery, was out for two weeks, felt better was able to do stuff and light work with dad, get sick with a very nasty stomach bug, out for three days. Fall, jack up my knee, hobble around like a cripple and various issues with my health.... not a good year. :/


been busy, working, looking for work and the like. Been constructing my wargaming table mainly as a means to not spend so much gas in order to play. Lets hope that works out.

That aside, hope everybody has been doing ok

fuckin foul

At work bounced a homeless dude out of the patio for masterbaiting .... the fuck? then some other dude left a deuce in the flower bed.... jesus what the fuck!??


Working earlier and one of the bar patrons managed to puke all along all four walls, celing and floor in the womans bathroom. Just damn.

That aside, just chillin trying to get painting done and jammin to some psychobilly

Apr. 7th, 2012

Work went fine, if a bit hectic. Ended up getting roped into doing temp bartender duties again. At least this time I got extra money for doing that. Not much else going on, today will be picking up some stuff for my nephew and neice for Easter sunday
Ugh, for the past few months Ive been having nightmares again. Most of them I cant seem to remember, others seem to fade in and out. Usual stuff too. Sea of blood, burning cities. Armies marching on towns and slaughtering the people. And Im usually at the lead emotionless and killing. No idea what the hell that could possibly mean. Some of the others that I cant really remember major details tho have me scratching my head about

ow ow ow ow ow

feet hurt, back hurts. Got drafted as a temp bar tender when one of the girls at the pool hall called out sick ... ow ow ow ow ow


Tired, work is good. More later

Tired but I feel good

No death threats, no body shot at me, nobody has bled or vomited on me (yet) no knives or guns drawn. A very laid back posting. Had to ask a few guys to leave but they left with out issue. This is quite nice.


After a few months of stressing about work I got a call back from Corner Pocket and now am doing bouncing out there.



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